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Final Goodbye

Thank You.

On November 1st, 2022, Deadend FM officially closed it’s doors.

We unfortunately were unable to reach any form of sustainable funding, and we were paying out of our own pocket.

We would have been able to continue hosting the station endlessly, however, we were unable to afford the licenses required, and we weren’t able to afford additional fees.

We weren’t able to expand and evovle, and we never had listeners or donors. We didn’t have any other choices, so we decided to let it go.

We plan to create projects in the future, for example, I am currently working on a Movie review site! So please look forward to that.

Thank you for reading, and if you were here when Deadend FM was around, thank you.

Our Staff



My dream was to operate a radio station, and so i set out to start up a nonprofit radio station here on Dead End Gamers.

DJ Leix


Hello my name is Leix. I'm a presenter who loves the classics, i stream every friday at 12 PM on Deadend FM.



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