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    Note: All NDA's that are submitted through here must have an end date within the next 5 years, or your game will be disqualified.

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    Note: This can be updated if your release plans fall through.

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    What is this?

    This is a contact form meant for Publishers and Indie Developers alike. The purpose of this form is to allow us, Deadend Gamers, to review your game – For completely free!

    When you submit your game, it will be reviewed by our staff, if it interests any of the staff, we will activate it via our accounts and test it. When we test your game, it usually involves playing it, from start to finish.

    If it’s an Online game, server activity may disqualify the review, if say, no one is playing.

    Things to know

    Our brand reviews a wide variety of games, however there are some cases where your game may not be picked up. Most notably these examples are:

    • Exclusively Explicit Content (NSFW)
      • Example 1: Your game revolves around sex and in fact shows or allows participation in sex scenes.
      • Example 2: Your game is a dating game and assuming you reach the criteria, you get images / videos of uncensored sex scenes.
      • Example 3: Your game involves sexual content that involves fictitious children. (3D model, drawing)
    • Emotionally Gruesome Gore
      • Example 1: Your player shoots an NPC, NPC starts crying due to the pain of being shot.
      • Example 2: Your player is angry at an NPC, said NPC is severely injured, you are forced to kill the NPC whilst they beg for their life. (Player has no option)
    • Your game violates the law
      • Example 1: Content that involves the real abuse of a child (Sexual or otherwise.)
      • Example 2: Your game provides instructions for commuting terrorist activities

    Please know that all of these rules and examples may be updated down the line. While it is true that the examples correlate to situations that we may deem improper, it’s important to know that not every possible example is accounted for, and your game may be disqualified if it meets one of these disqualifications in a different way aside from the examples.

    Please understand that these examples are imposed to weed out the games that are quite frankly not appropriate for our website.

    Terms of Service

    Disqualification of Content

    The Deadend Gamers Review team reserves the right to disqualify any content at our discretion.

    Retraction of Submissions

    Publishers or developers may request to retract their submissions, which we will consider at our discretion.

    User Conduct

    Deadend Gamers Review reserves the right to suspend, remove access, or ban users who violate our terms of service or engage in behavior that is detrimental to the website or its community.

    Disclosure of Personal Information

    In cases where a user’s behavior violates our terms of service or applicable laws, we reserve the right to disclose personal information to the appropriate authorities.

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