A group of wise guys found a dead body; there are traitors amongst them… Innocent players have to collect clues to find the murderer(s) and kill them!

Reviewer’s Take

Treason is a Multiplayer Action Shooter based on the TTT game mode in popular sandbox game “Garry’s Mod” (Gmod) it is meant to take after the popular online co-op game “Among Us” with the added spin of having access to a whole arsenal of weapons.

The Weapons

The weapons range varies from map to map, but there are many variations of weapons in the game, from AK-47s* to your granny’s pace maker. (Bombs!)

The weapon play is clean and stable, it feels nice to play, and feels a lot like the game Counter-Strike: Global Offenses, however it also seems to have benefits over CS:GO, for example you retain the ability to aim with all weapons.

The Art Style

The art style of this game seems to resemble Team Fortress 2, a popular game by Valve that rocks a Cartoon look. It is definitely not a bad art style.

Treason resembles Team Fortress 2 art style, which definitely doesn’t pull away for me, but to some they may find that a bit off putting, which is indeed understandable for those who prefer more realistic gaming.

The Gameplay

The controls are nice, but a little slippery. Almost like I’m playing Garry’s Mod on ice. However, It’s not noticeable when you do get use to it, you may notice it when you first get started, but when you learn, you learn forever.

The actual goal is inconclusive. Some lobbies may have a different goal in mind, for example, you can find yourself collecting clues, while others will just purge off members at will. There are no additional goals in the game aside from collecting clues, which if I had to say, is a bit of a disappointment.

The game does seem to lack a bit of depth. There is not really much that makes each round unique, aside from the occasional clean kill here and there.

On the subject of rounds, there is 1 round, but 8 games, you play 8 different games on the 1 round, and after that round is over, a new map will be voted.

There are also “Annihilation” games, which are games with no penalties, it’s essentially a “Survive” game.

There is no penalty if you do decide to leave the game, however, you are prone to mistakes, and those mistakes aren’t really forgiven lightly.

How much time can you spend on Treason?

It depends on what you like. For me I usually only make it past a few rounds. But it’s only because each round doesn’t feel all that different to me. It’s a fun experience, but it does have the potential to get repetitive after a while.


The game is great for those looking to have fun, and to hang out with your friends. It’s a great casual time killer, and is easy to learn. It does has a slight learning curve, which is simply to learn the weapons and gun play.

Treason is a great spin on the among us formula, and can be very enjoyable.

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